Drive Auditor Addon for Google Workspace

Drive auditor add-on

Drive Auditor for Google Drive is an advanced solution designed to help organizations optimize their Google Drive experience. With this add-on, users can perform several key functionalities to streamline their workflow and manage their data more effectively.

  1. Auditing the Metadata of Google Drive: This feature allows users to review the metadata of their Google Drive, including file and folder details, access history, and sharing permissions. This information can be used to identify and address any potential security concerns or data governance issues.
  2. Auditing the Metadata of Folders in Google Drive: With this functionality, users can drill down into specific folders and review their metadata, providing a more focused and comprehensive audit of their Google Drive data.
  3. Transferring the Ownership of Folders in Google Drive: The add-on enables users to transfer ownership of folders within Google Drive, making it easy to manage team collaboration and ensure that the right people have access to important files.
  4. Clone a Folder: This feature provides users with the ability to clone a folder, either with or without permissions, giving them greater control over their data. The options to clone a folder with or without permissions allow users to make a copy of a folder and preserve the original folder’s permissions or create a completely independent copy.

With these key functionalities, the Drive Auditor for Google Drive is a powerful solution for organizations looking to manage their data more effectively, optimize their Google Drive experience, and ensure their data is secure and well-governed.