Limitations of Gmail: A Deep Reading

Limitations of Gmail: A Deep Reading

Gmail enjoys a prime position as one of the most popular email services worldwide. As of 2023, the number of Gmail users has amounted to a whopping 1.8 Billion. The highly customizable interface, relatively higher storage, instant messaging options, spam filtering features, etc., are just a few of the numerous benefits of owning a Gmail account.

But despite this great popularity and fan-following, there are certain limitations to Gmail, which the users have to be aware of. The section below details the significant Gmail limitations for a better understanding of the service.

Gmail Limitations

1. Sending Limits

There is a fixed number of emails that you can send using the Gmail service in a day. When you enter a large number of recipients and it happens to be above the sending limit, Gmail shows a warning message informing you that the daily limit of emails has been exceeded. The daily sending limit is 2000. Beyond this limit, your Gmail account may suffer a temporary suspension until the next day.

2. Receiving Limits

Gmail does not support receiving an unlimited number of messages either. Even if the messages received are spam or promotional messages beyond the receiving limit, Gmail will send the mail back to the sender as unreceived. The daily receiving limit is 86,400. Regarding the attachments, Gmail maintains the policy that you can’t receive more than 500 attachments daily.

3. Bandwidth Limits

Gmail maintains a bandwidth limit of 1250 MB for downloads and 1500 MB for uploads. This limit is integral to keeping the system and the account safe and robust. Sending relatively large data can often cause going beyond the bandwidth limit. Once the limit reaches, the account will temporarily freeze for about 24 hours. 

4. Sync Limits

Syncing is a bandwidth-intensive process, and to safeguard the account from going beyond the bandwidth limits, Gmail maintains certain limitations on the daily sync. Usually, Google Sync clients, Gmail Android App users, etc., suffer from the sync limits. People using IMAP service need not worry about the sync limit as they have a relatively higher one. 

Gmail limitations

5. Server Request Limits

Gmail has in place significant server request limits too. You can only make a fixed number of server requests at one go. You will receive a warning message on a possible 24-hour account suspension if you cross the limit. You cannot sign in to a suspended account, and any efforts to do so will only fetch an error message.