Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets are great ways to organize, systematically arrange, and properly analyze larger data and information. Both individuals and enterprises make use of various spreadsheet applications to keep track of everything properly. Although there are a high number of spreadsheet applications present online, the most popular and respected spreadsheet applications have always been Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Both these spreadsheets have the backing of giant enterprises which contributes to the advanced and evolved technology and software used by them. Both of them are equipped with unique features and tools which enable the user to carry out the data processing much more easily. As they are both spreadsheets, they essentially possess certain similarities and at the same time several starking differences too.

The various nuances of each of the applications and their essential differences are pointed out and analyzed in the following section.

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel

As the name itself gives away, this spreadsheet application was created and is maintained by the software giant Microsoft. It provides a sophisticated experience to the users with numerous tools and options to create charts, carry out calculations, etc. It is considered an ideal platform to analyze data, track activities, etc. by a fair share of the population.

It maintains an impressive storage space and technically, it provides unlimited space to its customers. This is a major pro when it comes to big enterprises that experience a high inflow of data and would appreciate having more storage space for free. The speed of operations in Excel is also quite impressive. Being backed by a software giant, it is no wonder that they have held on to the most advanced technology to facilitate such speedy operations. 

Also, for data visualization or for making the data more visually appealing, several possible options and tools can be used by the user in the Excel platform.

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is another major frontrunner when it comes to the spreadsheet section. It is created and maintained by the search engine giant Google and the functions of Google Sheets are supported and complimented by a series of Google Work Space applications and tools. Google Sheets are available in multiple versions for being compatible with desktop computers, mobile gadgets, etc.

The biggest advantage associated with Google Sheets is that it is available to the user for free. Anyone with a valid email id can get access to the Google Sheets and start working on it right away. They are extremely user-friendly too. The instructions for using the application are quite simple and understandable for everyone. 

They are the best applications to be used for carrying out collaborations. Multiple users can get hold of the same document at the same time and work on it together. This offers immense opportunities for groups and enterprises.

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel


When it comes to which came into the field first, the upper hand is for Microsoft Excel. It was launched in the year 1987, whereas Google Sheets was launched after quite a while, in 2006. Excel was launched along with MS Office as a pack. Google Sheets was also conceived and launched as part of the G-Suite.


The performance of a spreadsheet application can be valued and judged based on the amount of data it can possess at a time and in that criteria, it is Microsoft Excel, that tops the charts. It does not mean that Google Sheets can possess little data; it can feed up to 500,000 cells before running out of space. It also has certain limitations regarding the maximum number of rows and columns, something that the Excel platform does not have. 


Collaboration or integration with other applications is carried out better by the Google Sheets application. It is often assisted by both the Google Workspace applications and other third-party applications like Grammarly. But the options of integration are quite less for the Excel platform.

Google Sheet also supports the working of multiple users on the same document at the same time, which is a feature that Excel is not able to provide. Microsoft Excel unfortunately does not support this kind of collaboration.

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Tools for analysis

When it comes to analytical tools, Excel is a much better service provider than Google Sheets. In Google Sheets, any kind of statistical analysis has to be done manually by the user itself, whereas in Excel, specialized tools and functions are available for carrying out such complex calculations.

Chatting provision

A chatting provision is available on Google Sheets, which is not present in the Microsoft Excel platform.