Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Online centralized workplaces have become a household term in the last few years. Online platforms where enterprises can collaboratively work and analyze were so common in recent times. Across the world, numerous such platforms came into existence and the subpar ones among them were gradually eliminated. 

Among the ones who survived, a few came out to be extremely popular and trustworthy and the top ones among them are Google Sheets and Smart Sheet. Both Google Sheets and Smart Sheet enable the users to put across their data in an orderly and organized fashion and let the users manage, store, and share them according to their personal choices. 

Both of them enable the users to work in a collaborative environment and even let multiple users have authenticated access to the same document to edit them. They are undoubtedly the best productivity-related applications, which let the users carry out not just documentation, but also activity tracking, scheduling, task management, etc.

Despite the similarities between these two applications in their area of work and similar services, there are certain essential differences present between them too. The following section traces the basic features and the inevitable differences that each of them possesses.

Google Sheets

Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet platform that makes use of cloud storage to store all the essential; activities and data presented to it. It enables the users to produce spreadsheet data to work with their enterprises and clients. The data created on Google Sheets is editable and the application keeps an edit history which let the users check each edit and revert the edit if found necessary or required. 

Google Sheets application is supported in almost all versions of gadgets including Androids and iPhone gadgets. Google Sheet does not charge the users for its services, but rather most of its functions are used by everybody free of cost. It comes with several collaborative tools, customizable templates, etc. It also lets the user integrate with third-party applications and the applications in the Google Work Space.

Smart Sheet

Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Smart Sheet is also an online platform where individuals and organizations provide and store data on various works. The Smart Sheet is highly acclaimed for its easy-to-use interface, reliability, and numerous collaborative tools. Many major brands and businesses rely on Smart Sheet for managing their tasks and projects.

It is supported on all kinds of platforms. Despite a free trial, users are supposed to pay for the services availing from Smart Sheet. No users can use the platform unless subscribed to it with a basic plan. It features more than 200 tools and techniques that let the users make the best out of their data. Tools are available for activity management, task management, budgeting, customizing templates, etc. it also maintains a decent number of integrations with third-party applications.

Google Sheets vs Smart Sheet

Task Management

When it comes to task or project management, Google Sheets happen to take a back seat, as it mostly functions as a concise database that can collaborate with other applications to facilitate efficient task management. But as far as Smart Sheet is concerned, it is an ideal application for all kinds of task management needs. It has numerous tools related to productivity enhancement including schedules, calendars, backlog managing tools, etc. these tools let the users divide the task between persons and dates and then work on the shorter targets one at a time.

Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Ease of Use

When the user interface is considered, it has to be pointed out that Google Sheets, just like any other Google application, works extremely simple and smooth. The user need not get complicated with any complex working procedures in a Google Sheet. The user is only expected to log on to his or her valid Gmail id, click on the Google apps icon at the top right corner, and then click open the Google Sheets.

Google Sheets vs Smartsheet
Google Sheets vs Smartsheet
Google Sheets vs Smartsheet

Smart Sheets are quite user-friendly too. But as it offers more services and tools than that Google Sheets, a beginner might find it a bit confusing at the moment. But after going through the working process one or two times, the usage of Smart Sheets turns out to be quite easy and smooth.


Being able to integrate with external or third-party applications is an indication of a platform’s capability to be compatible and flexible. Integrating with other applications lets a platform provide to its users, extra features and facilities. Google Sheets has an upper hand in integrations as they are backed by the internet giant Google itself. Numerous applications and platforms are compatible with Google Sheets, which in turn benefits the users of the platform.

Smart Sheets also has a fair number of platforms and applications with which it can integrate, but the count is a bit less than that of Google Sheets.