Google Workspace- A Compact Hub For Your Organization

Google Workspace- A Compact Hub For Your Organization

Google workspace is a compact set of transmission and conveyance apps that is developed for people who work in organizations and also for small-scale businesses. In the workspace app, there are many imparting apps. Among them, the core communication apps like Gmail and Google Meet and the most popular apps in the entire world, and they are used widely around the world. The apps of collaboration like Google Docs, Slides, Sheets are equally popular around the world. Google Docs, sheets, slides are built for the purpose so that multiple people can work on the document, presentation, and spreadsheet simultaneously. 

What does Google Workspace do?

The app is mostly used by organizations as it is profitable for them. An account has to be created and operated by an administrator. Unlike the Gmail accounts that can be created by an individual the administrator has to manage and would have complete control over the entire account which includes app access and security settings. This app applies different configurations to each people. Google Workspace is much powerful than anyone thinks it to be, the app can be configured to preserve confidential data.

Things needed to access Google Workspace

  • An updated browser for desktop

A modern web browser is needed to access Google Workspace on platforms like macOS and Windows. Most of the organizations that use Google Workspace also tend to systematize on Chrome browser. By doing this along with having access to Workspace apps the user also gets to leverage the features that are restricted within Chrome. Apart from Chrome, there are other modern browsers too (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari) which allow people or organizations to use the Workspace apps. 

  • Google Drive

Google allows desktop users to browse the files and folders on Google Drive with a locally installed app. This makes it easy for the user to navigate the items reserved in Google Drive and they have a local file navigating experience. 

  • Android and iOS

Google Workspace allows Android and iOS users to access the apps and enjoy their features. From Android or App store apps like Gmail, calendar, Sheets, Docs, Meet, Chats, Drive can be installed.

How to set up google Workspace?

If you are a new user or a new organization, go to Google Domains and buy the domain name according to your choice. Now that you are registered with your domain name the system will give you an option to set up a Google Workspace account for your domain. This is a super easy method to set up Google Workspace, and by applying the method you will eliminate several other configuration steps which you have to do if you are doing it manually.

What does Google Workspace provide which other apps don’t?

There are reasons to be a paid member of Google Workspace which other apps lack to provide you with.

  • Security

If you are an administrator you can secure your organization’s account by giving a strong and long password, limit the sharing capacity and also select many more options to create more security and limit the risk of data leaks

  • Branding

You get a domain name with your organization and this feature helps a lot in branding your organization. For example, if you are sending mail the receiver will receive mail from your domain like [email protected] instead of just mailing from your usual Gmail address. 

  • Account Management

If you are the administrator you can manage and access the entire workspace account of your organization from creating someone’s account after the person is joined with your organization to removing the account after the person resigns from your organization. 

Google Workspace

Editions of Google Workspace

Google editions are based on the type of client, ie if it’s for an individual or an organization; the editions also depend on the number of accounts made. First, let’s talk about the Business Edition. It is the most widely used edition, available for organizations that will make accounts of a maximum of 300 users.

 The organizations that need to exceed their number of accounts for 300 can explore the Enterprise Edition of the workspace. If an individual is creating an account then they need to consider Google Workspace individual, however, they can also select Business or the Enterprise edition.

Next, there are some Editions in the workspace which are allowed only for some specific kind of organizations, which includes NGO’s or nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. In Standard Plus edition meet Limit (i.e. number of participants), management capabilities such as security configuration and access over certain features increases. It can be said the premium edition. The edition also differs in no profitable organizations. Some of the apps are free for these organizations.

Details about the editions of Google Workspace

The detailed Editions are listed below:

Subscription for Individual Edition

A new Individual edition has been announced in June who includes booking service and email marketing in addition to access to the Workspace apps. Google Individual edition is for those individuals who don’t need to add any more accounts in the Workspace. Like, if a person is a solo entrepreneur or has any part-time business individual editions for these people will be profitable. Subscription for individual edition is $9.99 per month, with an introductory price of 7.99 per month. 

Business Edition  

There are three plans in the Business Edition and the plans differ with the amount of storage. The starter plan has got 30 GB storage, the Standard plan gives you 2 TB storage and the Plus plan gives you 5 TB of storage. Starter gives you 100 Meet participants, Standard gives 150 meet participants, and gives you 250 meeting participants. Meet recordings are only allowed for Standard and accounts.

The plans are given below:

  • Business Starter: You have to pay $6/month on each active account 
  • Business Standard: You have to pay $12/month on each active account
  • Business Plus: You pay $18/month on each active account.

Enterprise Edition

Organizations that require creating more than 300 accounts will have to opt for the Enterprise edition. By opting for this edition you can have access to technical security and also manage the controls. The edition also provides you with unlimited storage. Big organizations can go for the Enterprise edition as it has no minimum and maximum number of user accounts.

Educational  Editions

Institutions including schools, colleges, and even universities can have access to the Education edition for free. By applying for this edition the teachers, students, and staff of the schools and colleges have free access to Workspace collaboration. They also get access to Google classroom.

 In Google Classroom teachers get a structural way to share the lessons with the students, students can complete their work. 

The Education subscription is listed below:

  • Education Fundamental- This edition is free for the schools and colleges
  • Education Standard- It costs $3 per student
  • Teaching and learning upgrade- It costs $4 per month for each license
  • Education Plus-It costs $5/year for each student

Non-Profit Organization:

The NGOs can apply and use the Workspace for free in the Starter Edition. However, Google allows these organizations to upgrade their subscription at a rebate price. 

The plans of nonprofit organizations are as follows

  • Google Workspace- Free 
  • Business Standard for Non-Profit Organization-It will charge $3 for each account per month which is far less than the original price
  • Business Plus-$5.04 for each account per month 
  • Enterprise Edition- The subscription is reduced by about 70%

Frontline Edition: 

This edition provides communication between the frontline workers of the organization and other workers. In this edition, the administrator has access to the core app of google Workspace like Calendar, Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets. Endpoint management provides data security on smartphones. In the frontline edition, there is limited storage of 2 GB. If you need this edition you have to contact sales as Google doesn’t display the pricing of this Edition.

Essential Edition: 

This edition enables people of the organization to collaborate with Sheets, Slides, Meet, Sites which can be used with legacy. The edition costs $8 per month for each account.