How to Add a Table to an Email in Gmail

How to Add a Table to an Email in Gmail

Emails are a very constructive mode of communication, especially in the professional field. They allow easier and more organized communication, not to mention that they help in securely managing the data without any hassle. However, when it comes to individual features on Gmail, the options are quite limited.

Thankfully, you can add a table to an email and that is a feature no one knew we would need. However, keep in mind that you can directly add a table in the body of your email without any hassle, price or extensions. So, the next time you want to organize your available data in your email’s body, keep this article bookmarked for your convenience.

Sounds like a very productive feature, doesn’t it? This article will explore how to add a table to an email in Gmail and the steps involved in the process. All you have to do is follow along with the steps for the best results.

Steps to Add a Table to an Email in Gmail:

  1. Open Google Sheets with the data:
  1. Select the cells and right-click and copy the data:
  1. Next, navigate to Gmail and compose a mail:
  1. On the compose mail window, right click on the mail and click paste:
  1. The data will be inserted in the mail, just add a recipient and you can send the mail: