How to Add Citations for Films, TV Series, More in Google Docs

How to Add Citations for Films, TV Series, More in Google Docs

Google Docs is an amazing tool that lets us write articles, edit, or comment on them. It is much easier to use as there is no need to install any software. We can use any web explorer to log in and use Google Docs.

The free online word processor is one of the best writing and editing application which allows us to do spectacular jobs apart from just editing and writing. It helps us to make reference notes on the text, which is called a citation. 

Citation is making reference notes on a particular text or sentence in an article. This feature is available with many word processors. However, Google Docs allows us to add citations for films, TV series, and other related things. We will see how to add citations for films, TV series, etc. 

How To Add A Citation For Films In Google Docs

Adding citations for films and movies is simple but not an easy task. We have made easily understandable steps in this post. Read them carefully and follow these steps to add citations for films and movies. 

1. The first step to adding a citation is by having a document to edit. You can either open an existing document or create a new one within seconds using the File menu’s dropdown list. 

2. After that, we are going to open the citation feature. You can open the feature by clicking on the Tools menu neat the Format menu. A dropdown list will appear where you can see the citation feature as the 5th option in the list. Click on it, which will open the feature. 

3. Once you have clicked on the citation, the menu box of citation will appear, which will allow you to cite on text or film. You can choose the format of your citation from the dropdown list in the menu. There will be three options, namely MLA, APA, and Chicago. You can now press the add citation source to pull up or load text or videos. 

4. When you try to choose the source, you will see a bunch of options. Choose the option that better categorize your source for citation the best. You can choose from book section, book, journal article, website, news, TV series, film, etc. 

5. Once you have picked the citation source, you have to choose the Accessed By of the citation source. It basically says the word processor where the citation source can be accessed from. 

6. We are almost done. Now you have to just fill up some required details regarding the source of the citation. Enter the answer with details for better results. 

7. Now click on the Add Citation Source, and it is complete now. 

You can see the citation source in the sidebar on the right side of the screen. The list includes every item you add, so you may cite them all in your text.