How to Add weather to google calendar

How to Add weather to google calendar

Google is constantly upgrading and changing its features. While most of it contributes to its development, some of it comes with its fair share of downsides and disappointment too. Google taking away the weather widget from their Google Calendar application has to be one of them.

What started as an easy feature where you can click on a checkbox to enable the feature has now become a complicated process, especially for the naïve and beginner users who don’t have much idea about the steps and processes.

We understand your dilemma and hence the purpose of this detailed post. This post will explore more about Google Calendar and its features and the steps involved on how to add weather to google calendar for easier usage and to keep up with the updates regularly.

Steps to add weather to google calendar:

  1. Open Weather In your Calendar website.
  1. Now, on the website enter the location for which you want weather info into the search box:
  1. Next, copy the URL :
  1. Next, open the Google Calendar:
  1. Next, select the cog icon and open Settings:
  1. Next, navigate to the left-hand side menu and click Add Calendar > From URL:
  1. Next, paste the URL and click “Add Calendar”:
  1. Next, the weather will be visible on the calendar: