How To Change Row Height In Google Sheets

How To Change Row Height In Google Sheets

Google Sheets are used by around 2 billion users monthly. The numbers are far exceeding the number of users using Microsoft excel. The great advantage of using Google Sheets is that it doesn’t require installing any software on your computer. You can open your computer and use your email id to log in and use Google Sheets. 

Another great feature of Google Sheets is that there are numerous ways to accomplish a single task. For example, there are at least three ways to change the row height in Google Docs. You can learn any one of the methods to change the row height, which would not require more than a few seconds. 

Such a customizable and versatile web application is Google Sheets. In this post, we are going to see the efficient ways to change row height in Google Sheets. 

Click And Drag To Change Row Height

Clicking and dragging the row is the best way to change the row height. The process is simple as it sounds. You have to just click on the bottom of the row and drag it down. 

First, go to the serial number of the row on the left-hand side of the screen. Choose the number of the row you wish the change the height for. Left click on the bottom of the serial number and drag it down. You can leave pressing the left mouse once you have the desired row height. 

This method can be used if you wish to change the height for two or three rows alone. If you want to change hundreds of rows’ height, this method won’t be suitable, and it will be near impossible to do. 

Auto Adjust The Height Of Each Row

The above-mentioned method won’t be helpful when we are dealing with hundreds of rows. It is near impossible to manually alter every one of their heights. So, we are going to use an Auto Adjust method that Google Sheet offers. 

1. First, open the file you want to edit. Most probably, you won’t be able to see the information that is hidden in the row because of its size. 

2. Now, select the rows you want to change the height for. You can either drag and select those rows or use shortcut keys. If there are hundreds of rows, you can use the shortcut keys, which can help you choose thousands of rows in a second. To select all the rows that contain a character, use the Ctrl + Down Arrow. This will instantly select all the rows that contain any character in them. 

3. Once you have selected all the rows with character in it, you can go to any one of the rows and do the following. Go to the left-hand side of the screen where the serial number of the row exists. Now, double-click on the bottom line below the number. 

Once you do this, it will automatically adjust every row to show all the characters in it which are hidden before due to the narrow height of the row. 

This method can be employed to change the row’s height when there are hundreds or thousands of rows that exist. If you have only a few rows, you can use the first method. However, regardless of the number of rows, this method works fine. 

Fixed Resize Row

There is another option where you can resize the rows. It won’t be a flexible option, but you can change the size of the rows and make it the default for every row. It will make sure that your spreadsheet looks neat and organized. 

1. Select all the rows you wish to resize. 

2. Right-click on the selected rows. A drop-down menu will appear. Find the Resize Rows option in the dropdown menu. 

3. When you click on the Resize Rows option, a dialog box will appear, which you can use to resize the selected rows. Enter the height in pixels and click ok. 

How To Change Row Height In Google Sheets
How To Change Row Height In Google Sheets

Now, you can see the rows are resized. You can follow this format for any number of rows you wish to resize.