How to Create and Assign Tasks in Google Chat

How to Create and Assign Tasks in Google Chat

If you are a member of space on Google Chat, we have some good news for you. With the new features and additional settings introduced by Google, the members have complete autonomy to create and assign tasks to the other space members for streamlined communication.

Doing this allows the users to have a transparent view of their created tasks, assigned tasks and the individual tasks that are assigned to them. If you aren’t sure how to go create and assign tasks in Google Chat and have a lingering confusion regarding assigning the tasks, we got your back.

The good thing about creating and assigning tasks in Google Chat is the unified approach and the quick notification that the users receive immediately after they get any tasks assigned to them. This makes it a lot easier for the users to manage their tasks without having them separately in another tool.

How to Create and Assign Tasks in Google Chat:

  1. Open Google chat:
  1. Next, select the Tasks tab and click “Add space Task.”
  1. Next, Enter the details for the task, including a title and you can also include a end date if you want:
  1. To assign the task,click the assign button:
  1. Now, the group participants will appear on the pop-up, you can select who to assign:
  1. The Assigned task will also show on the chat history: