How to Delete bookmarks on Chrome

How to Delete bookmarks on Chrome

Bookmarks are a life-saver. They help to streamline and sort your tabs into categories. 

Nevertheless, If you don’t arrange them properly, you might land in a situation where you have lots of unnecessary bookmarks. In such a situation, you need to delete the bookmarks and clean up your browser. 

How to delete Bookmarks on Chrome:

There are two ways to delete your Bookmarks in Chrome:

  1. On the Bookmark Tab:

Go to Chrome browser and you will see your bookmarks below the URL bar:

Chrome browser

Right-click on any of the bookmarks and you will see the option to Delete the bookmark:

Delete individual bookmark in chrome
  1. Bookmark Manager:

On the Chrome browser, Click the Three dots menu option() on the upper right-hand side.

Navigate to Bookmarks > Bookmarks manager or simply typing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+O.

How to delete bookmarks on Chrome

Now from here, you can delete individual Bookmarks:

Delete bookmarks in chrome

Or you can delete the Bookmark Folder containing the bookmarks by right-clicking on the Folder and selecting Delete

delete bookmarks on Chrome

But do keep in mind you cannot delete the Bookmark bar folder, you can only delete the folder you create.

Hope this helped you.