How to Do Breakout Rooms in Google Meet? – A Step-By-Step Study

How to Do Breakout Rooms in Google Meet? – A Step-By-Step Study

Google Meet is extremely helpful in organizing meetings with a large number of participants. But the high number of participants often makes it difficult to carry out disciplined discussions, especially in a workspace. 

Breakout rooms are the feature in which the host/ organizer can divide the participants into small groups and assign separate rooms for each group. This ensures a healthy discussion between the participants and helps them engage in their everyday tasks more effectively.

The host can end the breakout sessions and bring everyone back to the main meeting screen whenever necessary. The section below explains how to do breakout rooms in Google Meet.

How to Do Breakout Rooms in Google Meet?

You need a paid Google account to have the breakout room feature.

Step 1

Go to your Google Calendar.

Step 2

Schedule a Google Meeting.

Step 3

Click on the Add Guests option and send invites to the necessary participants.

Step 4

Once the meeting is scheduled, you can find Video Call Options on the screen. Click it open.

Step 5

From the options, click on the Breakout Rooms option.

Step 6

On the menu that appears, enter the number of rooms you want to create and enter the names of the participants you expect to have in each room. If you’re going to pick random people for the rooms, you can click on the Shuffle option. When you are finished with the setup, click Save.