How to Edit a pdf in Google Drive

How to Edit a pdf in Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage space that’s provided by Google Inc. One can upload documents, pictures, videos, and everything else to Google drive. Google drive also helps you store important information allowing you to access them if you lose information from your phone’s storage. Surprisingly, Google drive now comes with an amazing feature. It allows users to edit the PDF documents uploaded to the cloud.

Not only can you edit pdf, but you can also edit and customize tables, add images and drawings. If you have to modify a part of your presentation or add a few materials, you can easily get your work done.

By allowing users to edit PDFs in Google Drive, users can save time, reduce the processing costs and hassle and eliminate chances of error using the PDF filler Google drive add-on. Users can now instantly e sign, edit, share and fill out any PDF available in Google drive. If you are willing to know how to edit a PDF in Google drive, you are advised to follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to edit a pdf in Google Drive

  1. Open Google Drive in your browser and upload or view the existing pdf document in the Drive:
steps to edit a pdf in Google Drive
  1. Once the file is uploaded, open the file and you can read the whole pdf here but you certainly can’t edit it.
steps edit a pdf in Google Drive
  1. Now, click on the top dropdown menu and click on open with Google Docs. You can also use third party application to open and edit the pdf:
edit a pdf in Google Drive
  1. Google Drive will automatically convert the pdf into Docs and you will be able to edit the pdf from there.
edit a pdf in Google Drive