How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs?

How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs?

The Dark Mode feature has become extremely popular these days. Almost every app and software has this amazing feature, including Google Docs.

Just like any other Google program, Docs defaults a light theme. But if you are bored of the light theme and want something more intense, then you can switch to the dark mode. If you are a fan of dark mode, then you will surely love using this feature.

A dark theme not only makes the interface look more attractive but also helps save your device’s battery. Also, it doesn’t feel too bright when you look at the screen.

If you want to know how to enable dark mode in Google Docs, you are in the right place. We have laid down a step-by-step guide that will help you to enable the dark theme in your Docs. Just follow the steps correctly and you are good to go.

Steps to Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs:

  1. Open  Chrome Flags by navigating to 


Enable Dark Mode in Google Docs
  1. On the Experiments page type Dark :
  1. You will see multiple options appearing on the screen:
  1. You will notice, the option ”Force Dark Mode for Web Contents”:
  1. Next, click on the drop-down arrow and click on “Enable”:
  1. Save any work on your browser and then select Relaunch to apply the changes;

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