How to Enable Reading List in Chrome

How to Enable Reading List in Chrome

If you are a Chrome user, you must have seen the new feature ‘Reading List’ button on the left-hand side of the Bookmarks Bar. This is a handy feature added by Google that allows you to save web pages and articles and read them later.

You can use this feature to save pages that are important to you and access them later when you want. This feature is similar to Bookmarks and yet they are different. Enabling reading list, not only allows you to save important pages but also sync them with your Google account.

Another advantage is that the saved pages will be able for offline access. This comes in handy when you have less or no internet connection. If you have the pages saved, you can access them without any internet connectivity.

In this post, we will tell you how to enable reading list in Chrome. Go through the steps and you will know what to do.

Steps to enable reading list in Chrome:

  1. Download the and open the latest Google Chrome:
Enable Reading List in Chrome
  1. Now in the address bar type chrome://flags and press enter:
  1. Now search for the Reading List and select from the results:
  1. Now in the reading list option click the drop down and select enable:
  1. Now, Chrome will prompt you to restart the browser:
  1. Relaunch the Browser and you will notice reading list