How to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets?

How to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets?

Google Sheets has become extremely popular since the time it is introduced by Google. There are so many reasons why Google Sheets is preferred by users. First of all, it has many great features that make your work easier. Secondly, it is easy to use and has a neat interface.

Speaking of Google Sheets, there is a feature that allows you to freeze rows. When working with large amounts of data, you often scroll up and down or left and right to see the data. And while doing it, you would want to keep rows visible. For this, you need to freeze the rows.

Now the question is how to freeze rows in Google sheets? If you are looking for the steps, then we can help you with them. Go through this post and you will know what to do.

Steps to Freeze Rows in Google Sheets:

  1. Open Google Sheets:
  1. Now, on the sheet navigate to View > Freeze 
  1. Now, click on the which and how many rows you want to freeze:
  1. Here, we will select 1 Row and it will freeze the row:

Alternative Way:

You can also Drag this portion with the mouse and extend to the row you wish to freeze: