How to Hide Errors in Google Sheets

How to Hide Errors in Google Sheets

When you are using Google Docs, correcting the errors is easy. A simple right-click and you can correct the issues with spellings or even punctuations or grammatical errors that don’t sit right on the document. But, what about a spreadsheet on Google Sheets? Can you do the same there too?

On Google Sheets, you can run into errors with the formula, especially when you are working with a larger data set with complicated calculations. Having red-marked errors throughout the data-sheet is not something anyone wants to experience while working with Google Sheets.

If you are stuck in the same boat and want to hide your errors in Google Sheets, we have all the right steps and inputs sorted out for how to hide errors in Google Sheets. The process is simple and can be done using most of the built-in functions on the application, so you are sorted on that ground too.

Steps to Hide Errors in Google Sheets

  1. Open Google Sheets with the errors:

2. Here we will use IFERROR formula to hide the errors
Syntax of IFERROR:
=IFERROR(A2, “Message”)

3. If you want to display the message on the cell that has the error message, we can nest the error on the formula:
For ex: =IFERROR((0/0),”This Has an Error!”)

4. If you’d prefer to have no error message, you can use a blank text string as your second argument. For example: =IFERROR(0/0,””)