How To Hyperlink In Gmail App

How To Hyperlink In Gmail App

Gmail is one of the email service providers that have multiple features that benefits its users in various ways. You can attach files, send mail to multiple recipients, etc., using your Gmail. 

Hyperlinking is one of the advanced features that Gmail offers its users. Hyperlinking is the feature that is available in word processing software and applications. It allows the users to embed a link in a word or two. 

Imagine sharing an Amazon product link or similar links that has a very long URL with lots of numbers and punctuations in it. It will ruin the appeal of your email and will occupy much space. But when you hyperlink the URL into a word, only the word will be showcased, which will provide an organized look. 

The hyperlinked word will contain the URL you wanted to share. If you click on the hyperlinked word, you will be directed to the link, or it will open in a new tab. 

Hyperlinking in the web browser is an easy task as it requires only a shortcut key. However, hyperlinking on mobile is a bit tricky since it doesn’t have any shortcut keys. But we are going to see how to hyperlink in both Gmail mobile app and browser. 

Hyperlinking In Gmail Mobile App

1. First, click on the Compose option if you want to create a new mail, or you can press the reply option if you want to reply to an email. 

2. Then, fill in the Subject part and complete the body of the email first. This will help you hyperlink without having a hassle. 

3. Now, copy the link address and paste it into the email where you want to have the hyperlinked word. Even if you paste it into an empty space, it will work. 

4. Once you have pasted the link in the body of the email, we can create the hyperlinked word. Type the word you want to be the hyperlinked word in between https:// and the remaining URL. 

For example, if you want to hyperlink the URL to Amazon word, you have to write

5. The final step is that you have to remove the https:// and from the email. It will automatically hyperlink the Amazon word with It will work with every URL that exists on the internet. 

Hyperlinking In Gmail Web Browser

Hyperlinking a word with a URL in Gmail in a web browser is a piece of cake. You can select the words that you want to hyperlink and press Ctrl + K, and it will open a panel where you can paste the URL and hit OK. 

Or else, you can copy the word you want to hyperlink and press the Insert link menu at the bottom of the email menu bar. Paste the URL into the URL box and hit OK.