How To Import MBOX Into Gmail

How To Import MBOX Into Gmail

For most of us, email means Gmail to us. Since Gmail is one of the largest email clients, we assume that it is the only email service provider. However, there are other email clients, both free and premium, that provide similar services. 

Email clients like Postbox and Thunderbird use a specific file format called MBOX, which stores the information or data of the specific mail id. 

So, what’s the usage of MBOX? People may like to use Gmail as their email service provider. Unlike other email clients, Gmail’s mail id has much more value since it can be used with other Google products like hangouts and Google meet. 

Having a Gmail id will let you use all the Google web products without requiring you to create new accounts. It makes accessing other products much easier too. So, shifting to Gmail looks like a reasonable thing. 

When you are transferring from other email clients like Postbox and Thunderbird, you may want to transfer the emails and other data to your new email client. Gmail supports this feature by allowing you to import MBOX into Gmail. 

We are going to see the best ways to import MBOX files into Gmail. 

Importing MBOX Into Gmail Without Thunderbird

Importing MBOX into Gmail is an easy task. Even people with minimal computer knowledge can accomplish this task within minutes. However, there are chances you might get lost in the middle. So, make sure to follow these steps correctly to avoid errors. 

1. Open the Gmail log-in page and enter the credentials of the Gmail account you wish to import the MBOX into. If you are already signed in, you can skip this step and proceed to the next one. 

2. Now, go to the top right corner of the screen. You can find a gear-shaped icon which is the icon for Setting. Click on the Settings icon. 

3. A dropdown menu will appear after you click on the settings. Now, click on the See All Setting which will be the first option in the dropdown menu. This will bring you to a lot of customizable option settings, which you can change as you please. 

4. Now, you will be in the General tab of the Setting. We have to navigate ourselves to the Accounts and Import tab, where we can find the option to import the MBOX files into our Gmail account. 

5. Find the Import Mails and Contact option and click on the blue text of Import mails and contacts. 

6. A new page will appear where you can fill in the necessary credentials of your email account of other email clients and hit continue. 

7. You will get a tab where you can add or remove the import options. Choose the options that seem necessary and hit Start Import. 

Now, the importing MBOX process has been started, and it might take from hours to 2 days depending upon the size of the MBOX file.