How to Improve Slow Download Speed on Chrome

How to Improve Slow Download Speed on Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the widely used browsers in the world. It attracts users with its elegant UI and prominent features. Apart from that it also offers many useful extensions.

When downloading a file from the internet, we want it to load fast. No one likes to wait to download a file or open a webpage. The good thing about Chrome is that it retrieves information very quickly even if you have limited bandwidth.
You can boost the download speed on Chrome by adopting certain techniques. If you are wondering how to improve slow download speed on Chrome, we can help you learn the trick. In this guide, we are going to provide a step-by-step guide to help you boost slow download speed on Google Chrome. If you use Chrome for all downloads, you should give this article a read. That said; now let’s walk you through the steps.

Steps to Improve Slow Download Speed on Chrome:

  1. Download the and open the latest Google Chrome:
  1. Now in the address bar type chrome://flags and press enter:

     3. Now, search for Parallel Downloading experiments in the search box:

4. Now, click the box and enable the flag:

Improve Slow Download Speed on Chrome

5. Now, Chrome will prompt you to restart the browser: