How To Indent In Gmail

How To Indent In Gmail

When you are writing an email for your clients making an email marketing campaign, there are many things that are important. Adding catchy phrases, and using a mixture of bold texts to make some contents stand out from the rest, including infographic images, etc., are one of the few things that are necessary to make your email attractive enough to convey the message efficiently. 

Indent is one of the few detrimental factors that increase the appeal of your email. A proper indent will provide a properly spaced margin. It will make your email look ten times better than a Gmail with no indent. 

Let us know more about the indent and how to make a proper indent for your emails in Gmail. 

What Is Indent In Gmail?

An indent in Gmail is the space between the margin of your email document and the text in it. Establishing an indent will make sure that your email looks neat and organized. You don’t want your text not to have a proper margin that dictates where the texts in the email should exist. 

Also, indents allow you to break large paragraphs into small paragraphs with simple sentences, which helps the email to look more emphasized. It not only makes it much emphasizing, but it actually contributes to easier reading for the users. 

Gmail and other similar email clients offer their users the ability to format their email texts to make them much more appealing. It saves a lot of time and effort for you. 

Shortcuts To Indent Text In Gmail

First, let us see the shortcuts that let you indent your text in Gmail almost instantly. Shortcuts may vary on the OS of your device. 

If you are using a Windows computer, use the shortcut keys Ctrl + } to indent the text to the right side of the email. Indenting on the right is not a preferable one. You can use indent the text to the left by pressing Ctrl + { simultaneously. This will automatically indent your text to the left. 

To indent your text in Gmail in the Mac system, you have to use the Cmd keys instead of Ctrl keys, so, if you want to indent the text to the right, press Cmd + } and if you want to indent the text to the left, press Cmd + {. 

How To Indent Text In Gmail Webpage

You can use the shortcut to indent the text as you wish. In some cases, if you decide not to use the shortcuts, you can use the in-built indent tool in Gmail. 

First, you have to compose a mail or open the email you want to edit. Then select the text you wish to indent by either dragging them while clicking the left mouse button or can use the Shift + Arrow keys to do the same. 

Then, go to the bottom of the composing menu, press the Formating menu, and you can see two indenting options after bulleting the menu. We have attached an image for your reference. You can choose either of the options to indent your text in the email.