How to Make a Google Doc public

How to Make a Google Doc public

Google makes our lives easier in many ways. One of the best is its collaborative tools such as Google Drive. Collaboration is at its peak with all kinds of sharing permissions Google Drive gives us. 

A very important feature of Google drive that helps to make Google docs public. 

Following are the steps on how to make Google Docs public with access to anyone having the link for the documents:

Steps on how to make a Google doc public

  1. Open the document you want to share and on the upper right corner you will see a Share button.
how to make google documents public
  1. Click the button and you will see a popup window appear with different options:
how to turn ON link sharing in gmail
  1. Next, click on the “Change to anyone with the link” 
how to make a google doc public
  1. Change Restricted to “Anyone with the link”
how to make a google doc public

Now, press Done and copy the link. Now, anyone that you share this like with can open the document.

Happy collaborating with Google docs!