How to Mark all emails as read in Gmail

How to Mark all emails as read in Gmail

Receiving dozens and hundreds of emails in your inbox, and leaving them unread is pretty common for everyone. But sometimes you can miss out on any important or new emails whenever they come through. In order to make this practice simpler for the masses, Google has allotted the mark of all emails as read in the Gmail feature. The feature will allow all Gmail users to stay up-to-date with new emails at all times, by marking the older ones as read. 

It is not always necessary or possible to open and read all the emails that you receive in your Gmail inbox. It is definitely annoying to open your inbox and see you have 26,856 unread email messages. Being able to mark all emails as read will not only give you freedom from this disconcerting feeling but will also help you keep your Gmail inbox organized at all times. 

The Gmail mark all emails as read feature makes things a lot simpler for most Gmail users. It gives daily Gmail users a fresh start. It allows the users to mark all old emails as read and keep new emails on top. Such advanced features from Gmail certainly make the whole process of marking emails as ready very easy. 

We all need this feature. We don’t read every mail with the amount of spam we receive on a day to day basis now. Especially, if an email is promotional or an automatic notification from a tool, you always find a way on how to select and mark all the email as read. 

No doubt, you still want to keep your inbox clean and want to read only new unread messages. 

So, we thought to cover this time saving important feature in Gmail

How to mark all emails as read in Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail Account
  2. You’ll see three dots on the upper side of your screen
How to mark all emails as read in Gmail
  1. Click on the three dots and you will find the option “Mark all as read”
steps to mark all emails as read in Gmail
  1. Click on the option and all your emails will be marked as read.

Easy, efficient and time-saving!