How to Print Labels from Google Sheets

How to Print Labels from Google Sheets

If you work independently or even for a business, you know the importance and significance of Google Sheets. It is nothing short of a live savior, especially when it comes to pulling important information into printed labels. 

Unfortunately, you don’t have a direct option to create labels right on Google Sheets without any additional extension, which is a bummer. However, the small extension can come a lot in handy, especially if you need to print labels consistently for work.

The extension, Labelmaker makes it a smooth ride for you to curate your label design and then input the information and sort out the printing process without a glitch. This article will guide you through the steps on how to print labels from Google Sheets. This is a comprehensive and one-stop guide that will tend to all your questions without any glitches.

Steps to print labels from Google Sheets:

  1. Open the Google Sheet :
  1. Now, navigate to Add on > Get Add ons:
  1. Now, on the Google Marketplace search “Label maker” and install it:
  1. Now, again navigate to Add-ons > Create & Print Labels > Create Labels:
  1. In the content field, add merge fields using double-arrows. For example add city with <<city>> Pincode <<Pincode>>. Once done apply some formatting such as bold, italic or aligned in the middle:
  1. Now, open the Document in the Label  maker:
  1. Now, on the document, click the print icon on the menubar: