How to Recall an email in Gmail

How to Recall an email in Gmail

If you have been wanting to learn how to recall an email on Gmail, then this blog can help. 

The free email service from Google known as Gmail has become one of the most integral parts and parcel of individuals, businesses, organizations, marketing teams, and entrepreneurs’ lives. Be it sharing documents or important project data, with Gmail by your side, you can do it all! Sending as well as receiving messages in bulk is also made easy with Gmail. With such an amazing set of features, the free email service from Google was set to become the number one email service in the world. 

However, many times people have spoken about the regret of sending an email for a number of reasons. For instance, a user might regret sending an email with personal details and documents to the wrong email ID or send an email to the recipient by mistake. Other instances include mailing wrong documents to colleagues or bosses, and the urge to turn back time and anyhow fix that email. 

Such concerns have led Gmail to launch its rescue feature that enables its users to recall a sent email. Follow the below-mentioned steps to recall an email in Gmail, and also increase the Undo time.

Gmail allows you to unsend or undo an email but for a very short period of time. You can set the time yourself for a maximum of 30 seconds. So, if you want to recall an email, you have to act quickly. Below are some steps you can follow to recall an email in Gmail. We also cover how to increase the Undo time. 

To recall an email, after sending the mail, you will see a small popup showing  “Message sent” to “Undo” but you’ll have to be quick and click on Undo to recall the email. 

How to recall an email in Gmail

Steps to Change the time you can Undo a message in Gmail

  1. Go to Gmail 
  2. Next, navigate to Settings > see all settings 
recall an email in Gmail
  1.  Now, go to the General tab and scroll down to Undo Send. Change the Send cancellation period to your desired time (The default time is set to 5 seconds):
how to unsend an email in gmail

That’s it, you are done.