How To Resend An Email In Gmail

How To Resend An Email In Gmail

Resending an email in most of the email service providers is an easy task as there is an in-built option in them. Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t have that feature. So, we have to rely on other methods to execute this task. 

There are some professions that require handling emails more efficiently. Resending email will also be a necessity in such professions. Learning to resend emails in Gmail might come in handy. There are multiple methods like copying and pasting the contents and sending them to the recipient. Or you can use the reply or forward feature to accomplish the same task too. 

We will see some of the best methods to resend emails in Gmail. 

Resend Email By Copy & Paste Option

Using copy and paste is the simplest way to resend an email in Gmail as it doesn’t have any in-built tools for this specific feature. Follow these steps to resend an email easily.

1. First, head to the email you have already sent. You can go to the Sent section on the left side of the screen and can see all the emails that you have sent. 

2. Then, copy the email’s content with the shortcut key Ctrl + C after selecting the parts you want to copy. 

3. Head to the Compose feature at the top left side of the screen. 

4. Enter the recipient’s email address in the To section, and you can add any subject if you want to. Adding a subject in a mail will give the recipients an idea about the mail. 

5. After that, paste the contents you have copied previously into the area below the subject. Once you are sure that you have added the correct recipient’s mail addresses, proper subject, and email content, you can hit the send button. 

Resend Email By Forwarding

Resending emails by using the Forward option is also an easy task. It only needs some editing before the content is sent to the recipient. Follow the steps given below for the best results. 

1. Go to the email you have to resend. You can find them in the Sent section, which is on the left side of the website. 

2. Next, click on the three vertical dots that are in the top right corner of the screen. They have different options that benefit the users of this platform. 

3. Once you click the dots, a dropdown list will appear from which you can find the Forward option, which is second in the list. Click the Forward option. 

4. Once you click the Forward option, you have to add the recipient’s address. 

5. Then, edit the first part of the mail where it shows the details of the previous mail sent. It would contain the name of the recipient, the date and time when the email was sent, and other information about the email. 

6. Hit the send button. You have successfully resent an email.