How to Restart Chrome?

How to Restart Chrome?

While Google Chrome makes it very convenient to navigate around and has many sites open online, and that too, simultaneously, without any glitches, several occasions can arise when you would want to restart your Chrome web browser. 

Whether you are updating or installing a new extension, sometimes rebooting becomes a requirement when the pages on Chrome have become unresponsive. 

Restarting your Chrome web browser is quick and simple. You can restart your Chrome web browser in seconds. Whether you are restarting Chrome from your Windows PC or Mac, all the Google tabs will reappear once you restart Chrome the right way. 

If you feel the urge to restart your Chrome web browser, then this guide on how to restart Chrome is all you need to get started! This guide covers step-by-step instructions on restarting the Chrome web browser. 

You can follow this simple step-by-step guide to restart Chrome in without losing all the important tabs. Once you follow them as it is, all the tabs that you browsed in the previous session will open as it is once you restart Chrome.

You are working and some of your important Chrome tabs are open. Definitely, there is a strong need to restart Chrome without losing any tabs at many times. You might wonder “How do I restart Chrome or relaunch Chrome without losing my important tabs”.

We thought to cover those steps below:

Steps to restart Chrome without losing tabs:

  1. Google Chrome has recently added a feature, where we can restart Chrome from the Address bar.
  2. Just type chrome://restart and press Enter. The browser will shut down and restart.
how to restart chrome and keep tabs

All the tabs in the previous browsing session will open as it was before restarting.