How to Send Google Meet Invite? – A Concise Guide

How to Send Google Meet Invite? – A Concise Guide

The post-pandemic era witnessed a hike in the number of people using online meeting platforms. Google Meet is one of the top-rated online meeting platforms that enable interactions via video communication. With numerous user-friendly features like compatibility with audio and video calls, chat box, screen sharing option, team-based activities, and many more, Google Meet is taking over the video conference section online.

As Google Meet is highly popular, it is essential to keep the basics right. The following section features a step-by-step guide on how to send a Google Meet invite.

How to Send Google Meet Invite?

Step 1

Open the Google Meet Application.

Step 2

Click open the New Meeting option.

Step 3

From the options that appear, click on Start an Instant Meeting. You can also choose from the remaining options as per your requirement.

Step 4

On the meeting window, a small dialog box appears with joining information. You can copy and share the information with anyone via email or message.

Step 5

You can also click on the Add Others option and enter the required email ID to send them an invite.