How to Stop Overwriting in Gmail?

How to Stop Overwriting in Gmail?

Overwriting is a regular occurrence in many devices and systems in which the system edits the words and letters in a written text when the user tries to edit or replace something in it. That is, when the user tries to edit an email for correcting something, suddenly the email starts to edit the words preceding or succeeding the part where the user is editing. This causes the actual text to change in a way not desired by the user. overwriting is intended to be a positive feature and it is too. It enables the user to not spend much time on the editing process and lets the user save valuable time by making quicker editing and redrafting suggestions. But unfortunately, many users find it practically inconvenient as it won’t let the user make a change in a draft without being overwritten. So, it is important to find solutions to switch off the overwriting feature of a system.

How to stop overwriting?

Unlike popular belief, it is not the flaw of the Gmail service that causes the issue of overwriting. It is the Insert key on the keyboard of the system that causes this anomaly. It only requires the Insert key to switch off the function and it only takes a couple of small steps to do that.

Step 1. Open the Gmail application in the system.

Step 2. Click on the Compose option to compose an email.

Step 3. On the Compose box that appears, start entering the necessary information and start writing.

Step 4. Once overwriting is detected, exit the application (which would save the draft by default) and then press the Insert key once.

Step 5. After pressing the Insert key once, now you can be returned to the Gmail draft and try typing something and can be found out that the overwriting problem is no more. If the problem seems to be still prevailing, try refreshing the page or close the draft and start working on a fresh one. Also, if the problem is still present, try repeating the process once more.

Other methods to stop overwriting in Gmail

Chances are there for the simple pressing of the Insert key may not solve the problem. So, there are several other ways in which it can be done.

Method 1

Select the draft text where the overwriting issue was detected and then press the Insert key.

Method 2

Restarting the browser may help sometimes. So, after carrying out the Insert key-pressing procedure, restart the browser so that the browser identifies that the Insert key was turned off.

Method 3

An incognito window or a private browsing window lets the user understand whether the problem is with the keyboard or the browser. So, open an incognito window for Gmail and try typing in it to check whether it is the problem of the browser.

Method 4

Restarting the system would also help if it is not the issue of the browser. After the Insert-key procedure, restart the system so that it registers that the Insert key has turned off at present.

Method 5

The users can try typing on an on-screen keyboard if available. Try activating the on-screen keyboard and check whether the issue pertains.