How To Tab In Gmail

How To Tab In Gmail

Gmail has around 1.5 billion users around the world. Why do you think that Gmail is the largest email client on our planet? Gmail is the most popular email id service provider because of the intriguing feature it offers to its users.  

There are multiple features that benefit its users in various ways and offer extensive tools that will speed up the process. It also has advanced tools to assist the user in writing their draft. It is safe to say that Gmail has its own mini word processor in it. 

An important feature that allows us to make our email looks more appealing is by indenting it. Using the Tab feature to indent is an effective and easier way. However, the tab key is no longer functional in Gmail. So we have to use other features to accomplish the task. 

In this post, we are going to see the best ways to tab in Gmail without actually using the tab key. 

Insert Tab In Gmail By Indenting

As we have seen, the actual tab key won’t create the tab space when you click on it. Most probably, the tab key will only highlight the send button if you try to create five or eight spaces by pressing the key. So, we are going to see other measures to insert a tab in the body of Gmail. 

It is a simple and easy step that requires no prior knowledge. However, read and follow the steps carefully to avoid errors. 

1. We are going to use the right intending option to insert the tab space. First, go to the body of the email to which you wish to add the tab space. 

2. Now, keep the cursor before the word, sentence, or paragraph to which you want to add the tab space. 

3. Click the combination of Ctrl + ] keys to add the tab space. Each time you press this combination of keys in the body of another Gmail, eight spaces will be created. You can choose the number of times you want to use shortcut keys to add tab space.

We are using the intending option to add the tab space in our Gmail’s body content. If you want to remove the tab space, you can press Ctrl + [ or backspace to delete them. 

Why Do We Insert Tab In Gmail?

Using the tab space, we can create a proper indent in our emails. Emails with proper indent will look more appealing and emphasizing than other non-indented emails. It will look organized and neat and will convey the message more efficiently. 

Having proper and consistent space between the margin and the text will ensure the optimal interval. It also helps you break huge paragraphs into small and brief sentences, which enhances the look of the email. It can be very useful took if you are sending your email to your client or running an email marketing campaign.