How To Trim Whitespace In Google Sheets

How To Trim Whitespace In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the best applications to create or edit spreadsheets using just the web browser. Also, you don’t need to download and install software to do so. You can access the Google Sheet just by using the web browser. 

Multiple people can access and edit Google Sheet at the same time if the publisher shares the permission with them. It is not possible in most similar software. We can run out of words if we try to tell the advantages of Google Sheets. 

However, there are some small bugs that might occur in Google Sheets as a result of importing data from other sources. Unwanted whitespace may occur in the cells of your Google Sheet and might make your whole Sheet look unorganized. 

You can manually go to every cell and edit or trim down the spaces if you have a few rows and columns of cells. Sometimes, you might be importing thousands of rows, and it will be impossible to trim the space in them manually. 

In this post, you can learn how to trim the whitespace in Google Sheets efficiently. We have mentioned the easiest and time-saving ways to trim down the white space in no time at all. 

Trim Out Space With Trim Whitespace Feature

Google Sheets has its own data cleanup plugin, which allows us to clean and modify our data with ease. In this section, we are going to use the Trim Whitespace feature, which is a built-in feature of Google Sheets that allows us to delete unwanted space with ease. 

Follow these steps to trim out space with the trim whitespace feature. 

1. First, open the Google Sheets you wish to edit. 

2. Once you have opened the Google Sheets file you wish to edit, first identify the cells, columns, or rows that are unorganized or have uneven spaces. Select those cells, columns, and rows that you wish to trim the unwanted space in. If you have thousands of columns and rows and aren’t sure about which cells you have uneven spacing with, you can choose everything. 

3. Once you have selected the cells or the entire Google Sheet, go to the menu bar in the top portion of the screen. You can find a menu called Data on the menu bar. It will be next to the Format option in the same area. 

4. When you click on the Data menu, a dropdown menu will appear, showing numerous features which will allow you to edit your Google Sheet document in various ways. We are going to use the Data Cleanup feature that has a feature in it called Trim Whitespace. 

5. Clicking the Data Cleanup menu, another dropdown menu will appear, showing the Trim Whitespace feature. As you can see in the image that the five cells containing names have uneven spacing. Once we click the Trim white space feature, the excessive spaces are trimmed, and it is completely even now. 

Using Trim Function To Remove Unwanted Spaces

There is another method to remove spaces. It is efficient for working with each cell at a time. Assume you have hundreds of spaces in one single cell and in that cell alone. We don’t have to use the above-mentioned method to clear out the whitespace. Instead, we can use a simple function to accomplish the result. 

Follow these steps carefully and repeat them to yield better results. 

1. Go to the cell where you want to remove the spaces for. 

2. Now go to the next cell in the next column. Click on the cell and start typing =Trim (text). 

3. Instead of text inside the brackets, you have to mention the position of the cell in the column. For example, if the cell is in the first row of Column A, then you should write =Trim (A1). If the cell is in the fifth row of Column A, you should write =Trim (A5). 

As you can see in the image, the unwanted space is cleared out. You can use the Trim Whitespace feature to do the same. Sometimes, using a function might be simple and interesting.