Google’s I’m Feeling Curious is very engaging

Google’s I’m Feeling Curious is very engaging

Google is well-renowned for its features in search and hidden Easter eggs, and one feature that would absolutely keep you occupied is the Google I’m Feeling Curious feature. Searching for the words, “I’m feeling curious” on the Google Search bar will first show a rotating widget with some random and interesting facts. These facts could relate to anything in the world – from 100 facts about Oprah to the missing people facts about the Bermuda triangle. 

Once you click on “Ask another question” just a few times, it will look like the box will pull engaging information from almost anywhere and everywhere around the world. It can find facts from and even, apart from other popular sources of historical facts. 

If you already feel thrilled to find out about what the Google, I’m Feeling Curious feature has in store for you, then you should not wait any longer. Don’t miss out on the fun that this aesthetically appealing feature deems to offer you as a frequent Google user. All you must do is type, I’m Feeling Curious in the Google search bar, to get started! We are sure you will have a good time reading about the best facts, history, and more sourced from all over the globe.

Aren’t we all fascinated by Google’s search tricks? This particular search trick can keep you engaged for hours. Are you excited to learn some interesting facts today? Let’s dive in.

What is “I’m feeling curious” all about?

Google’s “I’m Feeling Curious” is a Google Search trick just like the famous “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

Just type “I’m Feeling Curious” in the search box and you will get a random fact from a trusted website. You can also read more about the fact by clicking on the link. This feature is very addictive and also can be used to learn more about anything.

Google's i'm feeling curious trick

Alternatively, searching “fun facts” on Google also does the same job. 

Happy learning! Check out more such tricks.