Learn To Enable Google Sheets Dark Mode

Learn To Enable Google Sheets Dark Mode

Google Sheets has multiple usages that benefit the users. It is the best alternative to Excel Sheet and can even be better sometimes. Google sheets are web applications which means you don’t have to install them on your computer to use them. 

It saves a lot of time and disk space to use Google Sheets. There are practically no limitations to what you can perform in Google Sheets. It is an easily customizable application that can easily be personalized to suit us better. 

The best feature is that you can turn on the dark mode, which can be beneficial for your eyesight. It reduces the emission of blue light and provides a soothing viewing experience to the user. In this post, we are going to see the best ways to turn on your Google Sheets dark mode. 

Turning On Dark Mode In Google Sheets

Google Sheet is available both in the form of web applications and mobile applications. It can be used both on computers and on mobile devices. We are going to learn to turn on the dark mode on your desktop. 

Turning on dark mode in Google Sheets might not be as straightforward as in mobile applications. We are going to force enable dark mode on all the websites or turn the whole browser into dark mode since Google Sheet doesn’t have a specific feature to enable the dark mode only on their site. So, follow these steps to turn on the dark mode. 

1. Open a tab and go to the search bar. Type chrome://flags on the search bar. It will get us to a webpage where we can find the dark mode enabling the option. 

2. Once you have reached the webpage, you can find another search bar in there at the top of the page. Click on the search bar and enter Force Dark Mode. 

3. Once you enter the keyword, numerous search results will appear. In those search results, find the one that says Dark Mode for Web Contents. This is what will help us to make our Google Sheet go into dark mode. 

4. On the right side of the Force Dark Mode for Web Contents feature, you can see Default. Click on the Default, and a drop-down menu will appear. On the dropdown menu, next to the Default option will be Enable. Click on the Enable feature and press relaunch. 

Once you hit the relaunch key, the whole browser will close and open itself. It might lead to data loss if you have unsaved information on any website. So, check once before you hit the relaunch option. Once the web browser relaunches, you can find that the Google Sheet has entered the dark mode. 

All the fonts will be in white, whereas the background will be black. You can also see that all your web pages on the web browser have been changed from light mode to dark mode. To reverse the process, you can follow the same steps and make a little change at the end. Click on the Default option instead of Enable option in the Force Dark Mode for the Web Contents search result. 

Uses Of Dark Mode

Dark mode replaces the white space, which is more in compared to the black space in light mode. In light mode, most of the background is white in color only the fonts will be in black color. In dark mode, the white is replaced by the black or dark color, and the black fonts are replaced by white color. 

The dark mode is created to reduce the emission of blue light, which might cause irritation, itchiness, and eye strain in the viewers’ eyes. Entering the dark mode will reduce the emission of blue light significantly. 

It also allows you to watch or use your computer or mobile device without disturbing others while the lights are off. It reduces the strain on your eyes. It also looks cooler than the traditional light mode. 

It should be noted that previous models of computers used cathode ray tubes which made the computer monitors display in dark mode. It was later changed to the light mode to attract new users.