Notion vs Google Docs

Notion vs Google Docs

It takes the assistance of the best of the best applications to master the art of note-making online. These days, there are countless customizable note-making apps online, but the most downloaded and celebrated apps are Google Docs and Notion. The notion is comparatively a newer application, whereas Google Docs have been around for quite a long time.

Both of them claim a fair share of the users and have been updating ever since the conception of them in providing better features and services to the users. They are both document applications basically, but Notion is much more evolved in terms of note-making.

Some of the major unique features and the essential differences between both these applications are discussed below for further reading and understanding.


The notion is a highly-capable note-making app that is capable of carrying out specialized functions like designing, tracking, etc. It is used by around 20 Million users across the world. It is a cloud-based application that makes the storage of the notes created extremely easy and smooth.

It supports higher mathematical options and formulas just like Google Sheets. The pages created in Notion can be linked with any other notes or folders or pages in the application. It serves as a task-management application too.

Notion vs Google Docs

Google Docs

Across the world, around 2 Billion people actively use Google Docs, and thus, it is safe to say that it is one of the most reliable and reputed documenting applications presently available. The storage of Google Docs is cloud-based and thus, can be used to create and store a large number of content and data.

Google Docs comes with an in-built editor and grammar check. They go through the content and even make better suggestions and possible word replacements. Headers, footers, etc. can be added accordingly and numerous media files can be included in the document according to the liking of the user. 

The content in Google Docs can be translated into multiple languages and also it can be created in numerous world languages. One of the most sophisticated text input tools of Google Docs is voice-typing.

Notion vs Google Docs

Notion vs Google Docs


Templates or the possible suggestions of layouts present in a note-making app enable the user to try his or her hand at various types of note-making. Having blank pages for note-making could only cause exhaustion and monotony to the user. In terms of templates, Notion has a significant edge. It provides multiple template options for the users to choose from. The new page of the Notion does not have the template options, but if the user clicks on the template’s website, he or she will be taken to the particular website from which, templates can be availed. It contains numerous templates including traditional formats like a diary, letter, etc., and latest additions like designing and habit tracking.

In Google Docs also, templates are abundant. It is estimated that there are around 60 templates available in Google Docs. But most templates in it are of traditional formats like letters, posters, journals, diaries, etc.

Notion vs Google Docs

Ease of use

If the note-making and documenting procedure of an application turn out to be complex and confusing, the effectiveness of its function is bound to hit a low. As far as Notion and Google Docs are concerned, the latter is considered a more user-friendly option. Google Docs is straightforward in both design, layout, and features. The user is taken to the blank page for writing and all the necessary tool will be available at the top menu bar.

When it comes to Notion, they arrange data in numerous blocks and for a normal user, it tends to get a bit difficult to keep track of all these blocks. Having said that, this block-based program of Notion is one of its strengths too due to the sheer number of possibilities that it brings forth in smart note-making.

Integration capabilities

Both the apps are similar in the fact that they are capable of carrying out the integration of third-party apps into their platform. But the difference is that they both engage with different sets of third-party apps and thus, the efficiency won’t be the same for both. Google Docs is linked with all the apps associated with the Google Work Space and also with several other third-party apps, for Notion, Zoom, DropBox, Google Drive, etc. are some of the integrated applications.