Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse Image Search or Google Search By Images is one of the most popular services provided by the successful internet giant. The Google Images Search Box can be used to access the Reverse Image Search feature. This feature is one of the most incredibly useful features of our generation. And, learning how to do Reverse Image Searches using Google, whether you are a photographer or going for a holiday in some foreign location, can serve as useful. 

The Reverse Image Search by Google, better known as Google Search By Image, is one hassle-free service offered by Google to all its users. This feature can be used for searching images on Google using an image, rather than a spoken or written search query. 

All the user will have to do is upload an image on Google search, and provide a link for an image that is already there online. Google will then look for similar images to this image. The exact copies or similar images can be found using the Reverse Image Search feature by Google. 

Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide on how to do a Reverse Image Search on Google without wasting a moment longer. 

Google’s reverse image search is a powerful and interesting feature available for you. You can do a reverse image search in a few easy steps as outlined below:

Steps to do reverse image search:

Reverse Image search by uploading an image:

  1. Open any browser like Chrome or Safari
  2. Go to Google Images
Google Images
  1. Click on the Search by image option
Reverse Image search
  1. Click on Upload an Image(you can also drag and drop the image):
Reverse Image search by uploading an image
  1. Select the image you want to upload from your local drive
  2. You will then have the Google result of the photo, something like this:
Reverse Image search

With a URL:


  1. Go to the website(here we will use Techcrunch as an example)where the photo is located
  2. Copy the URL by right-clicking on the picture and clicking on Copy image address:
Reverse Image search with a URL
  1. Go to Google Images and click on the Search by Image button :
  2. Paste the Image URL in the given box and click on the Search by image button
Reverse Image search
  1. You’ll get the result in Google:
Reverse Image search results

Reverse Image search with a picture on a Website:

  1. Go to any website’s picture you want to use
  2. Right-click on the picture and select the Search Google for image:
Reverse Image search with a picture on a Website
  1. A new tab will open with the search result
Reverse Image search with a picture

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