SharePoint vs Google Docs

SharePoint vs Google Docs

As part of work, studies, etc., more and more people across the world are resorting to online note-making and document creation. This hike in the number of people has caused an inflow of a large number of note-making applications which support collaboration, multiple users, editing, etc. But despite the upcoming of newer platforms, Google Docs and Microsoft SharePoint are two applications that have always been the crowd’s favorites.

The experience of decades and the backing of online giants like Microsoft and Google are some of the major selling points of these applications. Both of them are supported on web-based platforms, I-phones, and android platforms. 

The following section consists of the chief features of each of the applications what exactly has made them reliable for such a long period and also the essential differences between both the applications. 

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint can be defined as a content-management application that supports processes like note-making, tracking activities, etc. fairly. It can be used to carry out collaborations in real-time. It contains around 44 major features that support the activities and usage of the user. 

Out of these 44 features, some of the most used and popular features of SharePoint are activity tracking, restricted access controls, tools for collaborations, provision for chatting, etc. It also supports integration with third-party applications like One Drive, Microsoft Excel, etc. 

SharePoint vs Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs is developed and maintained by the corporation giant Google LLC and is simply a word processor online. It can be used for multiple purposes like note-making, documenting, drawing, designing, etc. It allows the users to collaborate with multiple users and work on the same document at the same instance in real-time.

It comes with a fair number of features like activity tracking, tools for collaboration, templates that can be customized, document management, file sharing, etc. It is roughly estimated that there is a total of 19 features present in Google Docs which support content creation.

When it comes to integrating with third-party applications, Google Docs show greater capacity. It can integrate with applications like Excel, One Drive, Google Work Space, etc.

SharePoint vs Google Docs

SharePoint vs Google Docs

Task management

When it comes to effective task management, the wind is in favor of the SharePoint application. It has built-in tools and features for arranging and managing the content systematically with the help of lists, tags, etc. Because of this effective task management function, SharePoint is an ideal partner for enterprises. 

When it comes to Google Docs, the issue is that there is no specific organization or arrangement system intact. Instead, the documents remain in an order less fashion. So, the effectiveness in carrying out the tasks and in keeping the storage simple and less complex, Google Docs is not adequate.  


Integration is an important aspect of a content-creating application due to the immense possibilities and opportunities that it gets to offer its users. Being able to integrate with third-party applications indicates the capability of the platform to be flexible enough to work with other platforms. When it comes to integration, SharePoint provides integration with most of Microsoft’s tools and applications. Other than that, the possibilities of integration are quite limited for SharePoint. 

But as far as Google Docs is concerned, the possibilities for integration are immense. It can both integrate with the tools and applications of Google Work Space and other third parties. This lets the users of Google Docs get access to numerous extra features and tools.

Scope of collaboration

In the background of the new world, many are working from home and depend on online processors and points of collaboration to carry on with work. So, it is always beneficial for anyone using applications like SharePoint and Google Docs to have several efficient collaboration options.

When it comes to SharePoint, the storage of the application acts like a Google Drive which lets multiple users inside it, but rarely let the users work on anything together. This makes the options of collaboration quite limited to SharePoint.

SharePoint vs Google Docs

But as far as Google Docs is concerned, the apprehensions about collaborations need not be present as it offers maximum collaboration for its users in it. Multiple users can access the same file in the Google Docs storage at the same time, without causing the duplicating of the document. It also retains the history behind every word and thus, the user can check any portion for the edits made there and who made the edits. The user can even retract any previous versions of content and save them for future reference.