What is a Google Drive Workspace?

What is a Google Drive Workspace?

Google Drive provides ample space to store data. But one of the common complications is that it gets really difficult to find a file from Google Drive once it fills up with files. Google Drive workspace is a dedicated spot on Google Drive where you can store files that have to be prioritized.

Storing in Google Drive workspace makes it easy to find a file. People often use this service to store important files. The section below explains what is a Google Drive workspace and how to create and manage it.

How to Create a Google Drive Workspace?

Step 1

Go to Google Drive

Step 2

Click on the Priority option.

Step 3

From the options, click on the Create Workspace option.

Step 4

Enter a name on the slot that appears.

Step 5

Click on the Create option.

Step 6

You can now add files to the workspace.

Step 7

Click open the Add Files option to add files to the workspace.

Step 8

Select the files to move to the workspace and click on the Insert option.

Step 9

The chosen files are now added to the workspace.