Where do Google Meet Recordings Go? – A Detailed Study

Where do Google Meet Recordings Go? – A Detailed Study

Google Meet provides a convenient Record option that helps you record the meetings to rewatch or share later. But the application makes it very clear that not everyone can record the meeting. Only a G Suite Enterprise can record a session.

One of the most common queries is related to the location of the meeting recordings. The section below addresses the query of where Google Meet recordings go and give the step-by-step method to access the recording.

Where do Google Meet Recordings Go?

Once the meeting ends, you will get a notification stating that the recording will automatically go to Google Drive.

Step 1

Go to your Google Drive account.

Step 2

Click on the My Drive option.

Step 3

From the options that appear, find the Meet Recordings folder.

Step 4

You can find the recordings of your Google meetings there. Chances are there for the latest recording not to be in the folder. It happens because of a longer processing time. You can check for the recording later.