How to Open EML File in Gmail?

How to Open EML File in Gmail?

An EML file is an email that comes in a file format. Unlike the other regular emails, these cannot be seen right away. They have to be downloaded to suit the email application in the device to be able to open it and read. They can also be converted to documents of other extensions like .pdf or .doc. They are originally developed as a file format by Microsoft to be used in their email service called Outlook.

Although most other email applications like Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc. provide options to send and receive EML files, there are still several email clients who do not have a special apparatus that support EML files. On mobile devices also, opening and reading EML files are quite difficult. But in the case of mobile devices, several workarounds can be used to support EML files. 

As far as Gmail is concerned, several simple steps are enough to open an EML file and it does not demand any extra application or extension in doing so. Even though the steps are simple, it is extremely important to carry out them as soon as possible, as the file may remain inaccessible to the user from all devices. 

How to open an EML file in Gmail?

Step 1. Open the Gmail application on the device.

Step 2. Click on the email that contains the EML file.

Step 3. Check the attachment for.eml extension.

Step 4. Click on the Download icon at the bottom of the file.

Step 5. Once the download is finished, a notification appears on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 6. Click on the file to open it.

Step 7. The attached EML file is now open in the respective email program of the device.

What is another way to import EML files into Gmail?

Another way to import EML files into a readable format in Gmail can be by installing any EML converter or extension. Such applications can automatically convert any EML file that appears on the Gmail inbox of the device into a format compatible with the Gmail application. This lifts off the user from the burden of converting the receiving EML files individually. 

Such EML converters can convert EML files into formats like PDF, GMAIL, MSG, MBOX, etc. without compromising the accuracy of the data present. They can also carry out a bulk conversion of EML files in a short period and the converted files are properly renamed and stored in the device systematically, contributing to the convenience and ease of the user. 

They also support the export of EML files-attached emails to other users. And the major advantage is that with the presence of an EML converter, the user need not worry about having an EML-compatible email application or client, as they can convert EML files to suit any email host.