How To Add New Line In Same Cell On Google Sheets

How To Add New Line In Same Cell On Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the best application when it comes to creating, editing, or modifying data. It is an online spreadsheet application that allows its users to use it without installing anything on their computer. Google Sheets can be accessed via web browsers on computers. It also has a mobile application which can prove to be of great use. 

As we said, Google Sheets is the no.1 application when it comes to editing data. There are countless features that assist the users in many ways to improve their data management. It is incredibly easy to use and beginner friendly. Anyone can learn Google Sheets and start working on it in a few days. 

It allows the users to create multiple lines in the same cell. Creating multiple lines in a new cell will help you to enter data such as addresses that can’t be filled in the same line. Data like addresses should be written in new lines so that it looks organized and easy to read. 

In this post, we are going to see the best and most simple ways to add a new line in the same cell in Google Sheets. 

Shortcuts To Add New Line In The Same Cell

One of the amazing features of Google Sheets is that there are multiple approaches to enable a feature. You can either use the menu bars or other menus to create something you want to or use shortcuts to do the same thing. With these many approaches to a single function or feature, it is easier for the user and helps them enhance their workflow. 

1. First, open or create the document you wish to edit. If you are opening an existing document and wish to edit it, use a new column to add new lines in the cells. This will eliminate confusion. 

2. Double click on the cell you wish to add a new line to. Then press Alt + Enter if you are using a Windows computer. If you are using a Mac computer, use the combination of Ctrl + Opt + Enter. 

This will instantly add a new line. You may try using the key Enter alone. It won’t add a new line as it would in Word or Google Docs. In Google Sheet, we have to use Alt + Enter for Windows or Ctrl + Opt + Enter on Mac computers to add a new line. 

Let us say you have an address Mary Jaguer, 2933 Victoria Ave, Newfield, NJ 08344, United States, in the same line. The first thing is that you should place your cursor after each comma and press Alt + Enter. When you keep your cursor after “Mary Jaguer,” the rest of the address will enter it into the next line. 

Repeat the same until each segment of the address is in a new line. 

Using Function To Add New Line

In this section, we are going to use a function or formula to automate the process. Mostly you will be required to add a new line if you are editing addresses. These addresses will have special characters such as commas. We are going to take advantage of these punctuations and automate the adding new line in a cell based on them. 

We are going to tell Google Sheets to automatically create a new line and place the rest of the characters in the next line when a special character occurs. Follow the below-given steps to yield better results. 

1. Go to the file and enter the Format menu on the menu bar. Click on the Wrap feature from the Wrapping menu in the dropdown list that appears in the Format menu. 

2. Then, go to a new column beside the existing one and click on an empty cell. Paste this code =SUBSTITUTE(A1,”, “,CHAR(10)) and click enter. 

3. Then double-click the fill handle to apply the same to every cell in the column. 

You can find that each comma that separates each segment of the address has been replaced by Char 10, which is the code that instructs the Google Sheets to break the line.