How to lock cells in Google Sheets

How to lock cells in Google Sheets

The best thing about using Google Sheets is how it allows all users to collaborate with ease. Whenever you want to share work with other people, you may also want to lock some Google Sheets cells. You also may want to share a single sheet with your co-workers as well. Google Sheets also allows its users to easily lock cells. This enables the user to prevent content from a large number of people. Thus, limiting the users to make any kind of changes in the specific cells. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can lock cells in Google Sheets. These lock cells refer to those specific cells that you might want to lock or simply the entire row or column. 

If you have multiple people who want to enter data or even change formulas on the Google Sheets, then there is a high chance for someone to accidentally end up editing the content of the cells. It is best to look for those cells in which the collaborator aims to make certain changes. 

Here’s what you need to do to lock the cells in Google Sheets. So let’s get started!

Have you ever faced an issue when your colleague edited the same cell you were editing? Collaborating easily is a wonderful feature in Google sheets but during these times it can be frustrating. 

Learn how to lock cells in Google Sheets for easy editing. The simple steps below would help you to get rid of this issue.

Steps to lock cells in Google Sheets:

  1. First, Highlight the cell you wish to protect:
google sheets protected ranges
  1. Next, Right click and choose the Protect Range option. Likewise, you can lock a column in Google sheets. 
how to lock cells in google sheets
  1. A dialog box will appear at the side of the sheet where you can enter the description of the range and click the Set permissions button.

Google Sheets protected ranges:

how to lock a column in google sheets
  1. After this another Dialog box will appear asking you to set Range editing permissions and select the people you want to allow to edit the range. Then, click on Done
lock cells in google sheets

Voila! Simple, isn’t it? For more such tips and tricks don’t forget to check other posts on our website.