How to Create Templates in Google Docs- A Concise Guide

How to Create Templates in Google Docs- A Concise Guide

Templates are one of the critical features of the Google Docs application. The free pre-made templates available on Google Docs help the user save much time while creating something from scratch. But there are only a limited number of templates available on Docs.

Google Docs provide the opportunity to create templates as per the requirement. You can create whichever templates you like and save them for later use. The only criterion is that you have to have a Google Workspace account to carry out this process.

The section below shows how to create templates in Google Docs through easy steps.

How to Create Letterhead Template in Google Docs?

Step 1

Create a document with the necessary letterhead format and details in it. Save it in the documents section of the Google Docs application.

Step 2

Go to the home page of Google Docs, where the saved documents are available.

Step 3

Click on the Template Gallery option.

Step 4

Two sections appear: General templates and templates from your organization.

Step 5

If you have a valid Google Workspace account, you will have a Submit Template option at the bottom of your organizational templates. Click on it.

Step 6

In the dialog box, upload the letterhead template document you have already created. 

Step 7

Provide a name to the document. Also, choose the category in which this new template should be added. 

Step 8

Use the Submit button to submit the template finally. The created letterhead template will also be shared with the other members of your organization.

How to Create Label Template in Google Docs?

You can create a Google Doc file with the necessary label template and use the instructions above to convert it into a permanent template in Google Docs.

How to Create Fillable Templates in Google Docs?

Go to your Google Drive home page and click the New option to choose Google Forms. Create the necessary form template using a blank form at Google Drive and save it in the Google Docs application. You can then repeat the above mentioned steps to convert it into a template in Google Docs.