How to Unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome

How to Unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome

Developed by the famous Adobe Systems, the Adobe Flash Player is a freeware that is widely used for displaying a wide range of multimedia content. Since the announcement that Adobe will not support Flash Player on December 31, 2022, it is common to find Adobe Flash Player not working seamlessly on certain browsers. However, if you have been concerned about unblocking Adobe Flash on Chrome, then this article has got you covered!

Adobe Flash Player has been specifically designed for playing a range of multimedia content such as audio, video, 3D, raster graphics, MP3, PNG, FLV, and GIF amongst others. Flash player has been extensively used for animation, web games, embedded audio and video, and much more. 

Due to some security reasons, the greatest number of times, Adobe Flash Player is blocked by web browsers such as Chrome. This is why whenever you open a website if it contains Adobe Flash content, you might see a “Flash Was Blocked On This Page” message. 

The Adobe Flash Player is blocked on Chrome by default. So, how do you unblock Adobe Flash on Chrome? The following content will help you learn how to enable Adobe Flash on Google Chrome. 

To understand how to unblock adobe flash on Chrome please follow the below steps.

In Chrome go to Settings

how do i unblock adobe flash player on chrome
  1. In Settings Navigate to Privacy and Security > Site settings
how to unblock flash player
  1. Next, navigate to the Flash option
how to unblock adobe flash on Chrome
  1. Then change the settings to ask first

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