How to Add columns in Google Docs

How to Add columns in Google Docs

Google has been releasing new and exciting features across all its products on a regular basis. We love Google docs, don’t we? Sometimes, it can be difficult to get hold of a few options though. We thought to cover an important feature that you need very often i.e, “how to add columns in Google docs”.

As this is a required and important feature, Google hasn’t missed to include it. In cases when you want to create a sales pamphlet, newsletter, or newspaper publication, you wonder how to make a column in Google docs. Well, we will cover the same for you below:

Steps to add columns in Google Docs

  1. Navigate to Google docs menu bar > Format > Columns
How to add columns in Google Docs
  1. Next, select any column type. Now you should be able to make three columns in Google docs or make 2 columns in Google docs. 
  1. You can also select More options for customizing Number of columns and spacing and the Apply:
  1. Once all the changes are applied, the page will look something like this:
  1. Now while typing, the text will be divided into columns as shown below:
  1. You can also add header by going to Insert > headers and footers > Header
  1.  Now add your header and your document will be ready

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