Blur background in google meet

Blur background in google meet

Google Meet has now come up with a nifty feature that will allow its users to blur the background in their video call. In this article, we will go through simple steps that you need to follow to blur the background in Google Meet. 

The feature surely comes in handy for all those people who have to attend early morning meetings, when they have not had the time to clean up their room before it begins. This blurring background will maintain the focus on you but will dim or blur the background. 

There are several reasons why you might want to blur the background during your meetings. From helping the person worry less about what is in the background to keeping things professional while maintaining privacy and limiting chaos, the benefits of blurring the background in Google Meet are many. Whatever your reason for blurring the background in Google Meet might be, learning how to do it is what matters the most. 

Setting blurry background in Google Meet is very easy. It makes one of the best options for all those impromptu meeting sessions. If you want to know how to blur the background in Google Meet, then you have come to the right place. Here’s how you can blur the background in Google Meet:

If you are an avid Google user, you must be using Google meet on a day-to-day basis for your video conferencing needs. Google very recently added a new interesting feature that you can use to blur your background while in a meeting. 

Competing with Zoom in the video conferencing space, Google is coming up with new features for its audience. Point to note is that your PC might get slower if you are using the background blur as mentioned by Google. 

Steps to blur background in Google Meet:

  1. Join a meeting in Google Meet, and at the bottom of the bar click on three red dots:
blur background in google meet
  1. Next, click on Change Background 
how to put a background on google meet
  1. Now, you can choose to either blur the background or slightly blur the background.
backgrounds on google meet, google meet backgrounds

Now, your background should be blurred. Really simple and easy!

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