How to Insert Signature in Google Docs

How to Insert Signature in Google Docs

If you are in a business or sales development, the hassle of e-signing documents every now and then can hamper your productivity. However, with the advancement in technology, now adding an electronic signature to documents has become easier. It is not exactly as straightforward as it seems, but it is definitely easier than before. 

In this guide, we will tell you all about how you can insert a signature in Google Docs. Despite the popularity of this feature, there are a large number of people who do not know about this. Signing the documents and sending them off as quickly as possible is certainly made easy with Google Docs e-signature. 

Making your documents look more official, personalized, and legal is now simpler. While Google Docs is easy to use an intuitive tool, adding a signature in Google Docs might seem a bit complicated. Follow the below-mentioned step-by-step guide for inserting a signature in Google Docs. This built-in feature has now become the preferred choice for everyone. Be it for individuals or businesses, this feature from Google Workspace will benefit all users indeed. 

Isn’t it absolutely necessary to sign documents online now? Gone are the days when you had to physically sign a document and send it to someone. Now, everyone prefers signing documents online. Google Docs offers a great feature to add signatures without too much hassle. No doubt Google docs is the most preferred choice for everyone now. Whether it’s businesses or individuals, everyone prefers the simplicity of Google Drive in the consumer and Google Workspace version. 

Steps to Insert Signature in Google docs:

Below are some steps you can follow to easily add Signature in Google Docs. We will be using Google drawing in combination with Google Docs to achieve this:

  1. Browse to Google Docs menu bar > Insert
  1. Then, Navigate to Drawing and click on  “+ New” option.
How to Insert Signature in Google Docs
  1. Next, Click on dropdown and select Scribble
  1. Now draw your signature. You can also customize the color, line weight and size as your wish
  1. One you are satisfied with the result, click the “Save and Close” button
How to Insert Signature in Google Docs
  1. Now, you can move your signature to your desired location and resize it accordingly
How to Insert Signature in Google Docs

Isn’t it simple? Hope this helps. Check out more Google Docs tips and tricks.