How to Stop autoplay videos in Chrome

How to Stop autoplay videos in Chrome

Although it might not seem overly problematic to you, when videos autoplay on web pages, they can become annoying over time. From slowing down the user’s browsing experience to distracting and getting in the way, with the user constantly trying to close or stop them, auto-playing videos are a hassle. Many users have reported a sudden startling experience with a sound of a commercial pops up from nowhere. You definitely don’t want people around you to find out what you are browsing at 9:00 am in the morning or 3:00 am at night. 

Furthermore, using the autoplay feature, a website can play inappropriate content which always may or may not be under the control of the user. What more! As you keep scrolling down through the page, some autoplay videos keep following your trail. These videos also consume a huge amount of data bandwidth and eventually slow down the internet connection speed. In this article, we will be discussing how you can stop autoplay videos in Chrome to help you cut to the chase and focus only on what is needed and important. You can simply use 3rd party plugins available in the Google Chrome Store and follow the below-mentioned steps to get started.

In previous versions of Chrome, the browser had an option to disable the autoplay, but in recent times, Google has removed the option but you can still stop autoplay videos in Chrome using any 3rd party plugins found in the Chrome Store.

stop autoplay videos in Chrome

Steps to Stop Video Autoplay in Chrome:

Now, you can select any Extension you like and Install it. In this case, let’s consider HTML5 Autoplay Blocker as an example. We will walk through the steps for you to install:

  1. On the extension page, click on Add to Chrome:

2. Next, you need to enable the extension and click on the “Disable autoplay” option

How to stop autoplay videos in Chrome

That’s it. No autoplay videos now. Enjoy max productivity.