How to download YouTube video

How to download YouTube video

YouTube is a pool of videos. From short one-minute videos to long hours of detailed content, the video catalog offered by this platform is quite large and dynamic. You can stream videos on YouTube, you can make a watchlist of videos on YouTube, can upload videos on YouTube, and you can even download videos on YouTube. 

Since the inception of this platform, it has served as a popular source of entertainment and knowledge for people. Users can access this platform not just to search for top-quality video content but also to enjoy watching it. The content available on this platform caters to the masses. From school kids to even the elderly, YouTube makes one exceptional default video platform for streaming for everyone. 

Whether we are talking about conspiracies about aliens or the latest movie trailers, YouTube has dozens and millions of videos, and that too available from multiple sources and people. But what if you need to download a video from YouTube? 

If you have been thinking to download a video on YouTube since a long time, then in this blog we will teach you a number of ways in which you can do so. 

The need to use YouTube is growing with time as you can find anything and everything there. There are situations when you need to download a video from YouTube rather than just viewing or saving it to watch later. To do that you will have to know how to download YouTube video. There are a number of ways to do so. 

Find out how to download YouTube video

1. Subscribe to YouTube Premium:

How to download YouTube video
how to download youtube videos

Once you have a YouTube Premium membership ,you can download videos on your mobile or tablet by clicking the Download button.

2. Download a copy of your own YouTube videos:

Go to YouTube Studio and click on the three dots besides your video and click the Download button.

3. Download Publicly available YouTube videos using:

how to download a youtube video

VLC Media Player:

Copy the video URL you want to download and navigate to VLC > Media > Open network Stream

how to download videos from Youtube

Now, paste the video URL and click play:

how to download a publicly available youtube video

Now, navigate to Tools > Codec Information

how to download youtube videos

Then, Copy the URL mentioned there:

how to download youtube videos

Now, paste the location in any Browser and the video will start playing:

how to download a youtube video to play offline

In the video, click the three dots and you’ll see the download option, click Download and your video will be saved on your local drive, this method can only download up to Full HD(1080p) videos:

how to download a youtube video to play offline


To download any video online we can use services like VidPaw. To do that simply go to VidPaw and paste the URL in the given box, then you’ll be prompted with the quality of video you want to download. Choose any quality you want to download:

how to download videos from Youtube

4K Video Downloader:

4K Video Downloader is a great tool to download videos and is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. As the name suggests, the program can download 4K resolution videos.

how to download videos from Youtube

Just paste the video link and you can download your videos.

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