How to create heatmaps in Google Sheets?

How to create heatmaps in Google Sheets?

When working with large volumes of data, heatmaps can make things a little easier for you. It allows you to add context to your data.

It is not easy to see a huge list of data at a glance. It takes more effort to read and compare each number. Not to mention, it is extremely time-consuming as well. Plus, there is always a risk of making mistakes.

But with the help of heatmaps, you can bring attention to low and high values in your data. You can outline the values that require more attention. This allows for easy and quick analysis. You can create heatmaps in Google Sheets too. But if you don’t know how to create heatmaps in Google Sheets, we have got your back. Go through the steps laid down in the post below and you will know how it is done. It is easier than you think it is.

Steps to Create Heatmaps In Google Sheets:

  1. Open Google Sheet And select the cells you want to create heat map:
create heatmaps in Google Sheets
  1. Next, navigate to Format > Conditional formatting:
  1. Next on the conditional formatting pane click on the Color Scale Tab:
  1. Next, on the Format Rule section click on the Preview:
  1. Now, select the color scheme you want to apply:
  1. Click on Done :
  1. Heat map will appear on your select data;