How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is gaining popularity and is hands down one of the most popular browsers available on the internet right now. When it comes to Ubuntu, there are a range of complications associated with the process, especially because it isn’t open sourced.

However, the good news is that you can download Google Chrome on Ubuntu. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? The steps are simple, not to mention that they can completely transform your whole user experience and take it to the ultimate next levels without any hassle.

If you directly try to install Google Chrome from the Ubuntu software downloader, the process isn’t as simple or linear as it sounds. However, this is where the complications start. So, if you are struggling with how to install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux, we hope this guide gives you all the inputs that you need to follow through.

Steps to Install Google Chrome on Ubuntu Linux:

  1. Visit the official Google Chrome download page and click the “Download Chrome” button, to download chrome:
  1. Next, select the “64 bit .deb (for Debian/Ubuntu)” option, and then click the “Accept and Install” button. The “.deb” file will be downloaded on your system:
  1. Next, open the downloaded file by double-clicking the file and the details will open in a separate window:
  1. Next, you will be prompted for your password. Enter your password and click the “Authenticate” button:
  1. Next, Chrome will install on your system and you can search on the menu and se the Chrome :